Ludum Dare 22 – The Winners!

What the heck is Ludum Dare? To quote its website: “Ludum Dare is a regular accelerated game development Event.  Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by community.”

This year, over 500 games made in 48 hours were submitted, the theme having been “Alone”. After the break you can find the top three from the Top 50, which should make your life much easier.


To quote the developer: “A post apocalyptic soldier in a watchtower going mad on a nuclear winter, seeing things and with some serious memory problems. A simple platformer, maybe a little too serious and pretentious 😀 ”



An amazing little puzzler where you’re on an abandoned space station. Using your grappling hook to change your orientation, you have to make your way to the door on each level. It gets tricky fast.



The story of a dog trapped between life and death. Uses the “Cosmic Mario” mechanic of a shadow that follows you, doing everything you did, which you must avoid. The game has some incredible animation, and a lot of heart.



While you should check out all the entries, if you have the time, we’d like to give a special signal boost to locally-developed Super Smash Lander Suicide Party, Bro? by Black Ships Fill the Sky. You can play it online (requires Unity), or download it (10MB). To quote the developer, “It’s a game about hurtling from the sky towards earth, while partying, jettisoning crewmembers and blowing up. It’s also about the sudden death of seagulls, and blunt trauma inducing high-fives.”