Red 5 Studios gives SOPA the finger… properly

The development team behind upcoming online shooter Firefall, is not a fan of the pending Stop Online Piracy Act. In protest of the internet destroying act, Red 5 Studios plans to shutdown the beta for Firefall and closed their website on January 18. They won’t be the only ones to pull the plug on 18 January, as a number of other websites (including Reddit) plan to voice their opposition by simulating what SOPA could do to the internet: the closure and removal of certain websites.

Speaking to Shacknews, Red 5 Studios CEO Mark Kern said that SOPA would damage indie developers “who will not have the legal resources or lobbying presence to protect themselves from unwarranted shutdown”. Red 5 believes SOPA to be “misguided legislation”.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has voiced their support of SOPA. This is something that Kern and Red 5 Studios “is ashamed of” and as such they’ve pulled their membership from ESA and have also decided to cancel their E3 attendance for 2012.  The ESA is responsible for organising E3 every year. If more developers voice their opposition to SOPA and the ESA’s stance by cancelling their E3 attendance, then the ESA might have a bit of a dull E3 coming up this year.

Source: Shacknews