Good news everyone! Remember last week some time when we were all panicking about South Korea mucking up Diablo III’s global release date? Yeah, we were all totally panicking – you must have missed it. Anyway, luckily for Diablo fans all over the world, the South Korean government’s Games Rating Board has reached an agreement on Blizzard’s upcoming action RPG.

What ordinarily takes two weeks at the most, wound up taking over a month to settle, with Blizzard having to submit multiple versions of Diablo III for rating in South Korea. The biggest stumbling block for the South Korean Games Rating Board was the inclusion of the Auction House – something they considered too close to gambling to be allowed.

It seems as if everyone’s made a decision because as of today the game has been rated 18+, which effectively greenlights Diablo III for its planned global release date. Worldwide panic and mass suicides have only just been averted here; we are all seriously lucky. Now if only we could get an actual release date from Blizzard.

Source: Dualshockers
Via: Kotaku

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