Mass Effect 3 requires Origin (act surprised)

I know! Nobody saw this coming either so don’t feel too bad about it: Mass Effect 3 will require Origin if you’re playing Commander Shepard’s final space outing on PC. If you’re shrugging and thinking “oh well, I’ll just wait for it to come to Steam” then think again, because EA has confirmed that Steam won’t catch a whiff of Mass Effect 3.

Publisher Electronic Arts believes Steam inhibits interaction with customers; this is the reason that previous EA titles like Dragon Age 2 were pulled from Valve’s digital distribution platform. This doesn’t mean that Mass Effect 3 won’t be coming to other digital platforms though.

Regardless of where you buy your copy, you’ll still need Origin in order to play the game, whether it’s a physical copy or digital copy from, for example, Direct2Drive.

This all comes from BioWare’s Community Manager Chris Priestly. He also took the moment to assure PC gamers that Origin is not evil: “Origin is not spyware, and does not use or install spyware on user’s machines. In order to allow Origin to install games and their patches for everyone to use, Origin implements a permission change that results in Windows, not Origin, reviewing the filenames in the ProgramData/Origin folder. This is an ordinary Windows function, not an information-gathering process.”

There, do you feel better knowing that a BioWare person reassured you about Origin?

Source: Kotaku