Fans form A Steam Group asking for more Half-Life info

And they’ve accumulated more than 10 000 members since starting less than a month ago. The group’s goal is simple: better communication from Valve regarding the future of the Half-Life franchise.

Half-Life has been cropping up A LOT in news of late, and just the other day a newly Photoshopped image hit the internet of Gabe Newell with a monitor behind him showing a Half-Life 3 title screen. It was, of course, fake… as was the Half-Life 3 t-shirt and the Half-Life 3 website. Valve recently issued a statement in which they blamed fans trolling fans for the recent heap of Half-Life 3 rumours.

It’s all become a bit too much for some people, and this new Steam Group is a clear indication of that. Their message to Valve is simple: “Your oldest and longest running fanbase would like better communication.”

Is that too much to ask? The group has been around since 26 December 2011 so perhaps it might be. That or maybe Valve is hoping the group will dissolve before they actually have to acknowledge its existence. That is something that might have to happen soon, because in the time that it’s taken me to write this article (less than 10 minutes), another 42 people have joined the group bringing the total number up to 10 928.

If you want to join the cause then head over here and hit the “Join This Group” button on the right; obviously you need a Steam account to do so, but if you care about the Half-Life franchise then your having a Steam account is a given anyway.

You’ve got to hand it to the Half-Life fan community – they’re a tenacious bunch. I also like the overall respectful tone of their preamble. Good job guys; hope this works out for everyone.

Source: Eurogamer