You got Team Fortress 2 in my Saints Row

THQ and Valve seem to be going steady these days as the two have already, ahem, cross-pollinated their two brands: a while ago, Team Fortress 2 players received Killbane’s Mask and the Apocafists for the Heavy; Third Street Saints badges were also applied to all characters in Valve’s online shooter.

Now it’s time for Team Fortress 2 to return the favour to Saints Row: The Third. Publisher THQ has announced, via the game’s official website, that Team Fortress 2 masks will be added to Saints Row: The Third on 17 January. Oh hey, that’s today!

The bad news is that this is only for the PC version of Saints Row: The Third. When next you fire up Steam you’ll be given a title update for THQ’s latest sandbox game, which will bring the “9 custom TF2 giant-sized character masks” to your game for free. As the official website puts it, this will allow you to “streak around naked, beat up pedestrians, and hit those big stunt jumps with the character of your choice”. Good times.

Via: Joystiq