Aaaaand now The Sims has Katy Perry in it

If you were ludicrously famous but at the same time totally into gaming, then you too could (probably) star in a videogame. Electronic Arts, realising that there was a Sims marketing method that they’d yet to tap into, has signed Katy Perry to be the face and advertising work mule for the sixth expansion pack, The Sims 3: Showtime.

In Showtime your sims can become famous through new entertainment careers like singers, magicians, DJs etc. The Katy Perry mix is a no-brainer insofar as becoming a famous singer is concerned. However, her game extras are only available via the collector’s edition of the expansion, which is entitled (deep breath): The Sims 3: Showtime: Katy Perry Collector’s Edition.

While the singer won’t make a digital appearance in the game, loads of her trademark stuff will, like oversized fruit props, fruit clothing and weirdly coloured wigs. This new celebrity endorsement could, quite possibly, be used in the future as a textbook example of knowing your target audience. It’s an odd cross-over, but the combined commercial potential of another Sims 3 expansion and Katy Perry is both amazing and terrifying. If you feel like subjecting yourself to it, there’s a trailer after the jump. Also, on the bright side, it could have been Justin Bieber.


Source: The Sims 3
Via: Kotaku