Back in November last year, Rockstar released the first episode of a five-part series detailing the technology behind upcoming balletic shooter, Max Payne 3. That was MONTHS ago! Fortunately we’ve got another one right here to help fix that icky feeling stemming from the announcement of a delay to the game’s release date.

In this Design and Technology episode, we get to peak at the “Targeting and Weapons” of the game. As can be expected, there are more muzzle-flashes and whizzing bullets than an average day in Syria.

They’ve really gone into meticulous detail insofar as physics and shifting body weight is concerne; Max even compensates his movement and weight distribution depending on the size of the gun he’s holding. Yeah, obsessive doesn’t even begin to describe Rockstar’s focus on how this game’s going to look and feel. Hit the jump for more shooty shooty bang bang than is probably healthy.


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