Ok I am Alive… I’m listening

The last time we looked at some footage of Ubisoft’s download only survival game, I Am Alive, I said I was cautiously optimistic. Now that a second trailer for the game has come out, I’m willing to remove the “cautiously” part and replace it with “totally”. Yes, “totally” will do nicely – I am totally optimistic about this one now.

The trailer focuses on the combat elements of the game, which appear to be somewhat understated. Killing is a last resort as you make your way through the remains of the earthquake-stricken city. I like the fact that you’re being asked to think about things before you pull the trigger, and how you can bluff your way out of a fight. It makes sense considering the predicament everyone finds themselves in during this game.

That and there’s a hunting bow, which means I’m going to run around shooting arrows at people’s knees until I’m the only adventurer left amongst the rubble. Yeah, you thought that joke was old now, didn’t you? Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I’ll let myself out.