Deadlight appears out of nowhere, looks promising

Tequila Works is an indie studio made up of developers from Blizzard, Sony Computer Entertainment, MercurySteam and Weta Digital. The other way of looking at it is that they’ve got some serious talent amongst their ranks. They’re bringing a game, along with Microsoft Studios’ help, to Xbox Live Arcade. That game is called Deadlight.

In Deadlight you take on the role of Randall Wayne, a “natural born survivor”. What has he survived? An apocalyptic plague that’s turned mankind into “killer automatons” of course! It’ll be up to you to guide him through the American Pacific Northwest in this “cinematic puzzle platformer”.

Judging by the above screenshot, the game’s got a ton of atmosphere. No idea what the killer automatons look like yet, but I’ve got a bad feeling we’re looking at another zombie-type enemy here. Even if they turn out to be zombies, at least they’ll be zombies in a platformer – that’s at least new, isn’t it? Hit the jump to see Mr. Wayne in all his manly manliness in the reveal trailer.

Expect to see Deadlight hitting Xbox Live Arcade some time in our winter 2012.

Source: Tequila Works

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