PSV MK gets new Challenge Tower, touchscreen fatalities

Series Creative Director Ed Boon just sat down for a heart-to-heart with the official PlayStation Blog. During their chat, a whole load of information was dropped for upcoming Mortal Kombat for the PSV. That’s a great thing, because up until now not much has been divulged.

The team at NetherRealm Studios has managed to squeeze the entire PS3 version of the game onto the PSV, and they’ve done so while keeping the framerate at a lubricated 60 fps. Sexy! They’ve also ensured that all of the stages, characters and fatalities have made the port intact. Multiplayer is also there, however it’s been scaled back to one-on-one matches; don’t expect the eight-player matches or the four-player modes.

What’s even more fantastic is that there are two Challenge Towers in the PSV version. The original Challenge Tower from the bigger brother console versions has been included, which is was arguably one of the highlights of the original game to begin with. This new, PSV-exclusive Challenge Tower will feature 150 challenges, many of which make use of the handheld’s new input devices like the accelerometer and touchscreen.

Fatalities have also seen a slight tweak with the additional ability to utilise the touchscreen in order to execute them. So for example, if a fatality required a movement input of forward, down, up then all you’d do is swipe your finger in those directions on the touchscreen. According to Boon, this “makes some of the more difficult fatalities easier and it’s fun to slash at your screen to fire off a fatality”. Other touchscreen additions will be the ability for you to activate your X-Ray Attack by simply touching the X-Ray symbol on the screen.

There’s still no official release date for the PSV version of Mortal Kombat. The unit itself launches in South Africa on 22 February.

Source: PlayStation Blog