2012 is officially in full swing, and we’d best cram in as much awesomeness as possible before the world goes pop. With that in mind, we present the February issue of NAG, packed full of gaming deliciousness and random thingamajigs sure to delight and surprise. Probably.

We’re once again rolling review-heavy, because of the holiday backlog. So many games, so little time! Previews come in the form of the revitalised SSX and a new developer’s take on Sly Cooper. Reviews include such wonders as the dildo-sporting Saints Row: The Third and the long-awaited Wii-exclusive return of Link in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Management buffs can get their futuristic kicks out of our Anno 2070 review, while we find out if Need for Speed: The Run can successfully make us believe that scripted events belong in a racer. Trine 2 has us in awe of its sheer beauty, and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North tells the familiar tale from a different perspective.

Hardware aficionados: check out our healthy hardware section. Samsung’s Series 7 gaming notebook aims to wow us. We take a look at another brilliantly built gaming PC from Evetech. ASUS hopes to prove that 3D can be more than a gimmick with their VG278H LED 3D monitor.

The February issue of NAG will magically appear in a store near you this Thursday, the 26th of January.

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