No online play for ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS Vita

ModNation Racers for PlayStation 3 was a decent-enough Mario Kart clone. While it lacked the svelte design sensibilities of the M-Kart series, it more than made up for it with fantastic track creation and kart customization tools.

With its original developer United Front Games busy working on the True Crime: Hong Kong reboot set for release this year, development of the PlayStation Vita version of the game has fallen to SCE San Diego Studio.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip is billed as being a new campaign and sequel to the original game, but there is trouble in the henhouse.

In a recent blog post by the Director of Product Development at SCE San Diego, Erich Waas admitted that Road Trip won’t have online play.

It will GPS-enabled Localized Leaderboards, which lets you compete in geographically-specific time trials, and the FourSquare-style “check-in” for earning Travel Points for unlocks.

But if you want to race against another human player and not just their ghost data, you’re limited to Ad-Hoc Play. And only for up to four racers. Waas actually tries to spin the lack of online multiplayer, as them “evolving online functionality”. To quote, “If all we ever did as developers is rehash features that have been done in previous games, we’d still be entering passwords instead of using save files.”