Old Republic player uses meme, gets banned

In this week’s episode of Unnecessary Permanent Bans Stemming From Ineptitude, we join a Star Wars: The Old Republic user as they recount their last few moments in that online galaxy far, far away. How did they get banned? Why, posting on the Old Republic forum of course; it’s similar in nature to what EA has been doing with the string of Origin bans.

This time around, the team that monitors BioWare’s public forums needs an education in memes. They banned a player because he or she posted “I’m 12 and what is this?”. Obviously, the super-officious mod members jumped on this and “permanently suspended” the player’s account, thereby locking them out of the forums and the MMO. They cited a breach of the EULA which does not allow anyone under the age of thirteen to make an account.

The post was a meme response; the meme in question is obvious to those who know it, which clearly does not include BioWare’s mod team. You can read more about the meme here, but in the meantime here’s hoping that somebody from BioWare and EA fixes this. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a glaring example of internet ineptitude, or a shining example of how meme users should be treated online. Take your pick.

Source: Destructoid

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