Official Minecraft LEGO is now a thing

In the January edition of NAG Magazine, you may have come across a news piece about Mojang spearheading a drive to get official Minecraft LEGO sets produced. Anyone can suggest a LEGO set theme via the LEGO CUUSOO website: an online submissions platform type thing. If the LEGO set gets more than 10 000 votes by the general public, then the proposal is taken to the LEGO bigwigs for final approval or denial.

Minecraft LEGO reached more than 10 000 votes on CUUSOO in a matter of days. As a result, the CUUSOO people took Mojang’s proposal to the important LEGO people (who I’m hoping have never been seen by the world and are actually yellow men with basic facial features and stiff limbs) who have given the LEGO sets the green light.

At the moment, the LEGO design team is in the stages of developing ideas that will eventually go into productions for retail LEGO sets; the header image is not indicative of their direction. The official CUUSOO blog didn’t have much more to share on the matter other than stating a desire to develop “a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft”. That shouldn’t be too hard seeing as Minecraft and LEGO are practically identical. If the little LEGO Minecraft men don’t have square heads and pixelated features, I will be very disappointed.

Source: CUUSOO Blog
Via: Joystiq