Fresh details on Deadlight

About a week ago we got a first glimpse of Tequila Works’ new indie game Deadlight. Billed as a “horror puzzle platformer” the game stars a sole survivor of a viral outbreak. Now, courtesy of website Joystiq and their interview with creative director Raul Rubio, we have some new details regarding the intriguing title.

The story begins with the viral outbreak starting in British Columbia, Canada. The virus has turned everyone into “killer automatons” which Tequila Works has named “shadows”.

The game is set during 1986 for a reason. According to Rubio, ’86 is significant for having “a lot of lunar events” (the Challenger space shuttle disaster, Halley’s Comet, the Russian Mir space station etc) which will supposedly tie in to the plot premise and possible explanation of where this virus originated. Furthermore, the mid eighties saw the release of films like Rambo: First Blood and Day of the Dead, both of which the team at Tequila Works is specifically referencing for the game’s unique style and mechanics.

The game is essentially a physics based puzzle platformer so don’t go in thinking this is another gun-packing zombie game. Joystiq says it’s closer in execution to Portal than Left 4 Dead. Protagonist Randall Wayne will be reliant on traps in order to survive, but you will have access to limited weaponry which should be seen as a last resort. According to Rubio: “[this] is a direct approach to fear and paranoia; the player must always use their brains to solve the puzzles and control the action and physics.”

Wayne is not on a mission to save the world and you’re not tasked with finding a cure or stopping this threat. You’re simply trying to survive, so think of post apocalypse films like The Road instead of Resident Evil.

Deadlight is about Randall’s feelings and his desires, his problems. Everything that we take for granted now, like crossing the street, in Deadlight is a true challenge.”

Well, that’s me pretty much sold I guess.

Deadlight will be out sometime during our winter and is exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: Joystiq

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