Kinect might be built into laptops as well

A PC version of Kinect is hitting, well, the PC this week on 01 February. Along with that new PC version comes an upgraded camera that allows Kinect to focus on people sitting closer to it; probably a good idea considering people sit way closer to their PCs than they do their TVs.

According to website The Daily, Microsoft is working with hardware manufacturers to integrate Kinect sensors into laptops. The Daily claims to have actually seen these laptops, which were manufactured by Asus. According the report, the Asus laptops were running Windows 8 and they had “an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be”. Then, on the bottom of the laptop screen is “what appear to be LEDs”.

There’s no official word from Microsoft about any of this, so for now take it with a pinch of salt. Would it make sense for Microsoft to get hardware manufacturers to integrate Kinect into all of their laptops? Yes, it absolutely would. You might look like a total jackass sitting in an airport flailing your arms about in front of your laptop, but there’s more to Kinect than motion sensing; such as voice and facial recognition.

Source: The Daily
Via: Eurogamer