A few days ago, Mojang’s Jens Bergensten tweeted a teaser image of a new mob type to be added to Minecraft in the 1.2 update. You can see the new mob in the header image. You can see it can’t you? It’s staring at you; no not the chicken (that’s not even staring at you – try to keep up please), it’s something else and yes it is in that picture.

Ocelots. Yep, Mojang is adding ocelots to jungle biomes within Minecraft. They’ll come in three colour varieties and you’ll also be able to tame them using raw fish. Tame two at once and they might even breed to produce tiny, adorable little pixelated ocelots.

There’s a video of them in action after the jump, which also shows some of the other new features coming up in update 1.2. Check it out and then get ready to tame and breed a million of these little buggers. I’m planning my Great Ocelot Farmyard right now. There’s going to be fish dispensers and everything. Ooh, and little beds for all my ocelots!


Source: Mojang
Via: Joystiq

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