Trials Evolution leaks onto torrent sites

This doesn’t happen every day: RedLynx’s Xbox Live Arcade game Trials Evolution has hit torrent sites across the internet. The follow up to the obscenely popular XBLA title Trials HD is still in development and still only has an official release window of sometime in 2012. This has led people to question how the game got onto the Internet to begin with, and judging by past experience, a lot of people think it was leaked internally.

It wouldn’t be the first time RedLynx has done that; back when the original Trials was released, the development studio uploaded an incomplete PC version of the game in order to create some publicity and potentially drive pirates to purchasing the complete game. This time, however, it’s an Xbox Live Arcade version of Trials Evolution that’s found its way online, and RedLynx is denying they have anything to do with it this time.

Speaking to website Develop, RedLynx managing director Tero Virtala said, “We want to be clear that [leaking Trials Evolution] is not something we did ourselves,” despite having done something similar in 2009. He goes on to, of course, recommend people wait for the final release rather than pirate the game – funny that. That being said, you’d need a cracked or debug Xbox 360 to run it anyway. RedLynx is now owned by Ubisoft, so here’s hoping the publisher doesn’t develop some ungodly DRM to make the lives of Xbox 360 gamers a misery as well.

Source: Develop
Via: Kotaku

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