Half-Life fans: diarise Saturday 04 February

Because that is the day when you’ll get to rise-up in open demonstration of just how pissed off you are about the lack of communication from Valve. A couple of weeks back, a new Steam group popped up on Valve’s distribution platform; you can read more about that group here. Basically they’re calling for better communication from Valve regarding the status of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3 or pretty much anything Half-Life related even if it’s Dance Central: Vortigaunt Beats. (Note to self: pitch Dance Central: Vortigaunt Beats to Gabe next time I run into him.)

This coming Saturday, 04 February, the Steam group known as “A Call for Communication (Half-Life) (HL-CFC)” has organised a mass Half-Life 2 play session. The aim is simple: by getting as many people to play Half-Life 2 this coming Saturday at 19:00 (UK time, so 21:00 South African time) it is hoped that the Freeman’s second outing will be catapulted up the Most Played chart on Steam, thereby creating a greater interest in the game and sending a message to Valve that the serfs are restless.

Personally, I think it’s a great way for the fan community to express their desires and appreciation for the series in general. I will definitely be starting my eighth playthrough of Half-Life 2 at 21:00 this coming Saturday… right after I re-install it and download the bajillion gigs of updates. Anyone care to join me?

Source: Eurogamer