Level 10 GT Case Mod

Oooh sexy case mods, we like! The Taipei Game Show starts today in Taiwan, and Thermaltake will be showcasing some of the Tt eSPORTS product range at their booth.

This Level 10 GT Call of Duty MW3 case mod, created by Brian Carter, can be viewed at their stand. If you’ve seen a Level 10 case before you’ll notice that the handle has been converted into a AT-4 rocket launcher, and the front driver bays sport a six-barrel chain gun that actually rotates when the power is on. There’s also a fully-stocked and functional gamer’s first aid kit that has a USB-powered beverage cooler, and if you look at the five hotswap bays bottom front of the case you’ll notice that they now look like rifle magazine clips.  This entry by Brian placed second in Thermaltakes Level 10 GT Mod Contest.

Brian Carter, aka Boddaker, is no stranger to case modding, and some of his other creations such as MYSTIQUE², Battlestar Galactica, and Neptune’s Trident are masterpieces.