More than 10 000 people participate in Half-Life 2 play session

Last week, the public Steam group known as “A Call for Communication (Half-Life)” rallied its members and organised a mass Half-Life 2 play session for Saturday 04 February. At 21:00 our local time, as many of the group’s members as possible began playing Half-Life 2 like some geeky, activist mob. Their aim was to push the seven-year-old title up the Most Consecutive Players chart on Steam, and hopefully gain the attention of Valve in the process.

Valve has been remiss in keeping Half-Life fans up to date with what’s going on regarding Episode 3, something the Steam group wanted to highlight despite stating that the primary goal of this exercise was to “unite Half-Life fans in a unique and interesting way”.

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Prior to the designated kick-off time, Half-life 2 was ranked 30th on the Most Consecutive Players chart on Steam. Once everyone started playing, the game was pushed up nineteen spots to the 11th position, and went from having a maximum player count of 3 205 to 13 216.

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The organiser of the event, a Steam member called Surf, posted a message on the group’s Steam page following the synchronised headcrab beatings:

“Whether or not Valve will respond has yet to be determined; however, seven years after the release of Half-Life 2, over 13,000 fans have returned to play it again, together. That means something.

We were very close to reaching the top 10, finishing in the 11th spot on the list for concurrent players in a game, just short of our secondary goal. However, we were anticipating to gather around 10,000 concurrent players, and those expectations were surpassed.

I am personally impressed with what we’ve achieved today. We’re nowhere near done — in fact, we are currently in the process of planning new activities; this was only our first attempt, and, in my eyes, was a success for everyone.

If our group closed today, I would be proud of everything we’ve done and all the Half-Life fans who were able to unite together and work towards a common goal. However, we’ve got no intention of stopping now; this is only the beginning.

I’d like to thank everyone for what we were able to accomplish today. Together, I know we can achieve even more.”

If you want to keep up to date with what this group is planning, you can head over to their official website.

It’s not bad going getting 10 011 people to log-in at once to play a specific game, especially considering there are games like Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim vying for people’s attention. If you’re wondering what the top-ranking game was on Saturday, it was Counter Strike. No, not even Counter Strike: Source – the bog-standard original Counter Strike. Seriously people, move on.