Skyrim Creation Kit lands tomorrow, brings a surprise


Last week, Bethesda rolled out update 1.4 for the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. That patch brought with it Steam Workshop compatibility along with a bunch of stability tweaks and usual update shenanigans – no backwards flying dragons have been reported though. The added Steam Workshop compatibility is of no use just yet, but tomorrow that all changes when Bethesda releases the official Creation Kit to the PC masses.

The Creation Kit is the same program that Bethesda used in order to create Skyrim, which means for those into creating mods, it doesn’t get more powerful than this. For everyone else who lacks the aptitude to create mods (like me), it’s even better news because it’s going to give modders the tools to create some truly amazing things.

Bethesda’s VP of Marketing Pete Hines dropped the news of tomorrow’s release date via Twitter. He also mentioned that The Creation Kit’s release would bring with it a “special surprise”. No idea what that might be so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It would be really cool if Bethesda announced that mods were making the hop to consoles; theoretically the PS3 is in a good position for receiving Creation Kit mods considering the platform’s integration into Steam Works already (thanks to Portal 2). That would be a really nice peace offering towards the beleaguered PS3 players, what with their version of Skyrim being buggy as hell.

Via: Joystiq