EA sends out save the dates

They grow up so fast. We’re talking about the Medal of Honor (damn you American spelling!) franchise here, because it looks as if another one is on the way. Kotaku has reported receiving the above header image in their inbox; no prizes for guessing what announcement is imminent.

You could argue the merits of bringing out a sequel to 2010’s reboot of the military FPS, but it looks like EA has not been put off by the mediocre reception of the previous title. That and the ending left things Grand-Canyon-Wide open for a sequel.

I think I’m totally ok with this as I really enjoyed the initial reboot. I never played any of the multiplayer but I’m not heavily into military FPS multiplayer. The Single player campaign however, was thoroughly enjoyable; especially that sniper bit on the side of the mountain. Yeah, bring on another Medal of Honour (damn it!) Honor.

Source: Kotaku