Deals of the week

Bargains are always a subjective thing for many. That old saying “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” really fits here. But I do know a good deal when I see one, and I’ve taken the liberty to post the most impressive ones I’ve seen this week up here – who knows, maybe you’ll like one?

AMD Phenom X6 1055T AM3 @ R1270 from Prophecy

Edging out all the Llano-based quads and the FX series, here is one of AMD’s most capable chips for under R1300. The Phenom X6 series does a very good job of standing up to Intel’s Core i5 and i7 series, losing out to the newer Sandybridge chips and older high-end Nehalems. While not the speed demon people hoped for, it’s got long enough legs to run around other quad-cores with room to spare. Get a decent cooler and clock this baby up to 3.5Ghz stable and you won’t be thinking of upgrading for a good two years.

If that’s not enough for you, check out a few of the reviews and decide for yourself. I would be getting one myself if my board could support it.

Guru3D, Anandtech, TechPowerUp, HardwareCanucks, TechRadar

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 @ R3500 from Makro

Edging out other notebooks at this price point, Fujitsu’s Lifebook makes a good deal that much better with this low-end offering from their Lifebook range, competing directly with netbooks and coming out the winner in all fronts. It comes standard with a dual-core Intel Pentium B950 processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 320GB storage space, a card reader, full-sized HDMI-out with audio, an expresscard slot (you don’t see those anymore), spill-resistant keyboard, anti-glare screen and optional 3G internal modem. Windows 7 Home Basic comes pre-loaded and as usual Fujitsu keeps the software bloat to a minimum.

Warranty is a standard one year fetch-repair-return jobbie, but Makro’s extended warranty and generally great customer service makes having problems painless to get fixed.

Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD5750 1GB DDR5 @ R1003 from Takealot

Well, it’s the Radeon HD5750 – a card that I started out myself with, and still remains a strong contender in the budget space today, bringing far better performance to gamers and enthusiasts looking for a discrete card with some mettle in it. Tom’s Hardware used to include this card in every single budget build up until the HD5770 dropped in price for over a year. Performance at HD resolutions on a 22” screen is more than adequate, and I only experienced slowdowns in games that taxed my CPU hardest.

If you’re looking for something decent around the R1000 mark that allows you to play everything on high, go for this brute. Pair it with a good HD monitor and you’re A-for-away.