Today I learnt about a game called Reset

You could probably echo that headline, because the chances are you hadn’t heard of this game either until today. I stumbled across it thanks to a retweet by Irrational Games’ Ken Levine, who had just previously congratulated Tim Schafer for hitting the magical $400 000 mark on their Kickstarter page. So it looks like that new Double Fine adventure game is going to happen – awesome news indeed.

But back to Reset. Levine gave the tiny indie team a retweet which brought me to their website. Reset, aside from having some very, very good looking real time screenshots, has an interesting mechanic. It calls itself a “single player co-op first person puzzle game” which is entirely contradictory until they explain it.

The puzzle game is played by one person, but then you can travel back in time to continue working on puzzles with a previous version of yourself. Sounds intriguing, looks very pretty, and it’s an indie title so it deserves all the attention it can get. The game is in development for PC only at this stage. Check out their webpage and follow them on Twitter to keep up to speed with the game’s development.

Source: Twitter