New Lollipop Chainsaw trailer explains Nick

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news for this game, you’ll know that up until now, information regarding Nick (the head attacked to Juliet’s skirt) was pretty much non-existent. Fortunately, a new trailer explaining Nick’s role in the game hit the internet last night.

Nick Carlyle is Juliet’s boyfriend. His interests include playing bass guitar, badminton and masturbating. He also gets bitten by a zombie while trying to protect Juliet. Luckily for him his girlfriend is a trained zombie killer so she knows what to do. In order to prevent Nick from becoming a zombie, she decapitates him and keeps his head alive.

Nick will come in pretty handy (awkward pun, because, well, no hands) during the game as he’ll be used as a projectile weapon. He can also get put on top of a headless body in order to give Juliet a leg-up to reach higher places. Hit the jump for the trailer, but turn your volume down because there’s some NSFW dialogue.