Mass Effect 3 release hype kicked into overdrive

BioWare and EA are releasing the final chapter in Shepard’s trilogy next month, and as the release day approaches you can bet that we’re all about to be inundated with trailers, interviews, previews and news posts like this one.

In response to fan requests, BioWare has made a new single-player story trailer which focuses on female Commander Shepard. Obviously there’s some new footage thrown in as well. Additionally, there’s a new multiplayer trailer which will do a good job of removing any lingering doubt you may have regarding the mode’s inclusion in a traditionally single-player game. Also, from now on I want Commander Shepard to give me a pep talk before I start my multiplayer games – Gears 3 included.

On top of that, BioWare has released a narrated trailer designed to bring newcomers up to speed on what the whole deal is regarding this franchise. If you don’t know your Hanar from your Volus then this is a clip for you. Also, if you’re only entering the Mass Effect franchise now then what on Earth has been keeping you? Hit the jump for more trailers than you can possibly want.

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