New Far Cry 3 trailer sets up premise

We all know that Ubisoft is bringing us a new Far Cry game this year – it’ll be out on 07 September. It’s set on an island again – hooray! It features open world situations as well as corridor shooter elements, and it has a healthy dose of insanity running through the whole plotline.

A new trailer has just been released that provides the background on how our protagonist, Jason Brody, finds himself on an island jam-packed with mentally unstable characters. What starts off as a dudebro-fuelled adventure/holiday (that part’s not exactly clear) soon spirals into a fight for survival – obviously, because a Far Cry game in which you run around an island with another guy, drinking shots and high-fiving each other would probably be boring as hell.

Hit the jump for loads of shaky-cam footage, drinking, bed-heads, NSFW language and scary voodoo ladies who probably aren’t endorsed by the International House of Mojo. Oh, and dubstep – always with the bloody dubstep.