New Gears of War 3 DLC hits in March

Epic games has revealed a new DLC map pack entitled “Forces of Nature”. It’ll be hitting Xbox Live on 27 March 2012 bringing along three new maps, two remade maps from previous Gears games, seven new weapon skins and four new character models.

The theme of this map pack is nature making your life difficult, which also explains the title! Expect to have your multiplayer matches made all the more traumatic thanks to blinding snow storms, floods, tornados and other sundry natural phenomenon designed to make the going tough.

Additionally, there’ll be weapon Easter Eggs hidden on the maps with Achievements tied to getting 25 kills with each of them. Those weapons are “Elemental Cleavers” with additional elemental damage effects. The “snow cleaver” will allow you to hurl an icy blast at enemies that will stun them for a moment; the “emulsion cleaver” will explode on impact and add a fiery area of effect damage.

The new maps are called Aftermath, Artillery and Cove. In Aftermath you’ll have to deal with floods and debris following a tsunami that’s devastated the map. Artillery is a military base that gets hit with increasingly stronger storms, which eventually bring tornados to throw debris and dust around. Finally, Cove is a small Stranded village that has a thick layer of fog obscuring your vision.

Remade returning maps are Jacinto and Raven Down; both remakes will have their own natural disaster and weather effects to make matches more interesting.

The four new character models, as seen above, will include a new character called the “Savage Hunter”. Insofar as the new weapon skins go, five of the seven will be available right away and the remaining two will need to be unlocked by progressing through multiplayer matches.

Source: Gametrailers