World, meet Minecraft lego

Good news everyone: the LEGO Minecraft men really DO have square heads and pixelated features. Disaster averted.

Notch has been given a few boxes of the final LEGO Minecraft products, which have been dubbed LEGO Minecraft Micro World sets. The sets are in quite a small scale by ordinary LEGO standards, but the detail is really quite something. Plus you get a LEGO Creeper.

The LEGO sets are available for pre-order through the J!NX website, and once they’re released sometime during our winter, you’ll be able to buy a set off the official online LEGO shop as well. Certain LEGO franchised retail stores will be selling sets, but seeing as we have none of those in South Africa, if you want one of these then order online and hope they deliver overseas. You can check out a ridiculous video of Notch and co. mucking about with LEGO Minecraft Micro World sets after the jump.


For more pictures and pre-ordering details for the LEGO Minecraft Micro World sets, head over to the LEGO CUUSOO blog.

Source: Joystiq