Holy cow! Look at this Mass Effect 3 Trailer!

This is one of those rare gaming trailers that’ll be spoken about in years to come; kind of like the Dead Island trailer that reminded everybody the game was still in development. This is the latest cinematic trailer from EA and BioWare, and it’s incredibly well done despite the somewhat creepy looking girl in the sunflower field. Creepy or not, she gets the job done, and that job is to remind us just how mean the Reapers are. Because they’re really, really mean. In fact, I can’t wait to kick them in their collective, sentient AI nuts.

Mass Effect 3 hits on 09 March 2012, which is in eighteen days. Eighteen days people! You can read Tarryn’s first impressions here.

Hit the jump to lose all hope in the face of insurmountable odds, get totally angry and then realise you’re literally covered in goose bumps.