Saints Row: The Third DLC is set IN SPAAAAAACE

And it’s called “Gangstas in Space”, which pretty much sums up exactly what you need to expect: there’ll be gangsters sorry “gangstas” (yo) and they’ll be in space. Surprisingly, this is probably the most realistic DLC concept to hit this otherwise batshit insane game.

Your Saints Row character has to play the leading role in the first Saints movie to be produced. It’s a science-fiction film featuring an alien invasion, alien princesses in skimpy outfits, and a bunch of new characters.

This is the second dose of DLC to hit Volition’s sandbox insanity simulator, and it’ll be free to those who purchased the game’s Season Pass. If not, then according to the game’s official announcement on their webpage, expect to fork out $6.99 or whatever the fake Xbox money equivalent might be. Oh and it’s out tomorrow. Hey, that’s tomorrow!

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Via: Joystiq