Win: Diablo 3 beta keys


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Gaiz, gaiz, gaiz! It’s come to our attention that a few of our international readers have been filling out the application form below in the hopes that it’ll get them access to the beta. Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to spread our love globally, the keys that have been issued to us are strictly for the South African region only and will not work anywhere else. We’re massively sorry, phorealz. 🙁

IMPORTANT UPDATE #2: Gaiz, gaiz, gaiz! This form-filling portion of the competition is closed, but we’ve got six more beta keys to give away right here.

Courtesy of Megarom, we have this here form for you to fill out. “But why Dane?” I hear you say. “Why would I want to fill out your stupid form when instead I can just sit here and hate your face for luring me into whatever this little ruse of yours is?” I hear you moan. “What even is this for anyway? Go to hell!”

Well, dear face-hating reader, as it turns out, Megarom has 450 Diablo III beta keys to give away to 450 supremely lucky face haters. That’s not just on NAG Online, mind you, but across a number of websites, including Megarom’s own Facebook page. All you have to do is register using the graciously provided form below, hit that subscribe button when you’re done filling in the measly amount of basic info, and the power of the Internet will do the rest. Quick and easy really.

So go ahead. Do your thing. Best of luck to you traveller. Hopefully we’ll see you in Sanctuary.

NAG Form



  • Only one entry per person is allowed
  • This competition is only open to residents of South Africa
  • Competition closes 19 March 2012
  • Prize is not transferable and the judges decision is final


And here are some delightful images (click for bigger) for your eyes to water over, as extra reward for taking the time to fill out that there form. Not that you needed any more incentive, but yeah. Onwards!