Jetpacks ‘n’ dinos: this is ORION: Dino Beatdown

I feel like this is a thing that everyone in the world needs to see. I’ve posted in the past about its big brother, ORION: Prelude. Now there’s another game being made by the same team, one that goes by a significantly more outrageous moniker: ORION: Dino Beatdown. And it actually looks quite good. Truthfully, it’s actually bordering on magnificent, but that might just be because developer Spiral Game Studios has crammed dinosaurs and jetpacks – two of the most important entities in gaming – into not just one, but two games. More info and a toothy trailer after the break.

Described on Spiral’s website as an “Open World, Class-Based Cooperative Survival Sci-Fi FPS,” Dino Beatdown pits teams of players against a horde of rampaging dino-lizards while attempting to complete objectives in “huge, endless environments.” You earn in-game currency as you play, used for upgrading abilities/weapons and calling in vehicles. Other words that garner excitement when placed in a row include: cloaking devices, laser rifles, hover bikes, mechs and VTOLs.

There’s more to be read about Dino Beatdown and Prelude right here. The game is due out on Steam and OnLive this March for $9.99, and it really looks well worth the asking price. Now, as promised, here’s a moving picture:

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun