Prima releases official Skyrim map App

The folks behind the official game guide for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have released a very impressive map App for iPad and iPhone. Entitled the Skyrim World Interactive Map, the App is free to download but naturally features a plethora of in-app purchases.

The vanilla version is just over 100MB to download, but it gives you a seriously detailed map of Skyrim. You’re able to drop custom pin markers and annotate them as you see fit. You also get markers for each of the capital holds for all of the regions as well as interior maps for each.

According to official word over on Bethesda’s Blog, you’re able to zoom up to 3200% on the map. I’ve mucked about with it and the zoom is indeed incredible, as is the detail. You can go from an overall view of the entire province, and zoom in close enough to see the individual placements for objects like rocks, pathways, waterfalls, bushes and even fallen trees.

If you want the whole experience then you need to hand over some money. Markers for the map have been bundled into groups, each group costing $0.99 to add the markers to your map. You can purchase map markers for things like: primary locations (smaller settlements and towns) companion locations, dragon claw locations, followers, dragon mounds, skill books, unique weapons etc. There are 15 bundles in total, but you can opt to purchase all of them at once for a reduced rate of $9.99.

Once you’ve located a marker in the game, you can tick it off on your map. This has to be done manually, which is a pity; it would have been super-slick had this App been able to link to your Steam, Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network ID to track your actual in-game discoveries.

Be warned, however, that if you choose to download every one of the more than 150 maps for the App, it’ll chew just less than one GB of space on your device. Furthermore, the App over-rides your Auto-Lock timer so that you can leave the App open while playing, thereby negating the need to continually turn on your device to view it; batteries beware.

Source: Bethesda Blog
Via: Joystiq