Have some fresh Cube World footage

Cube World is an action RPG that looks like it’s been jettisoned from the same womb that birthed Minecraft. While Notch and co. over at Mojang have tried to get their sticky fingers on the guy responsible for this indie gem, they’ve had no luck. Wollay values his independence as a game developer, and judging by this new combat footage for his upcoming game, he really doesn’t need any help.

For those who don’t know, Cube World is a procedurally generated action RPG that takes cues from Diablo, Zelda and Minecraft. It looks lovely, and while the combat looked simplistic at first, this new video has been released to showcase the skill attacks and weapon customisation that’ll appear in the game.

Indie fans need to keep an eye on this one. There’s still no release date for the project, but judging by the amount of progress Wollay has been making, we’d guess that Cube World is not too far off. We hope… because, well, just look at it!


If you want to read up some more, then head over to the game’s official blog.