Unboxing the PlayStation Vita

The PS Vita (Wi-Fi Edition) arrived on my doorstep this morning thanks to a ninja UPS delivery guy (never seen, never heard, just leaves presents on the porch). My copy of Wipeout 2048 and a 32GB memory card only arrive tomorrow, so there isn’t much to be done with the system other than fighting to keep dust and fingerprints from magically appearing on its ludicrously shiny surface.

Hit up the Read More below for some annotated photos of the unboxining of Sony’s new handheld.

ADDENDUM: (Since some people felt I was being unduly negative, mistaking my humour at not being able to turn it on yet). Closing Thoughts: Damn, this is one slick looking piece of kit. It’s lighter than you’d think, and only a teeny-tiny bit bigger than the original PSP-1000, which means your older PSP cases won’t fit unfortunately. The direction pad is a single piece on a rocker (this is very, very good), which shows Sony learned much from the original PSP’s design. For my personal taste, it’s too damn glossy (but what isn’t these days), so I know I’m going to be constantly cleaning the thing.