Combine your geeky love of gaming and LEGO, and watch this

In case you haven’t realised by now, we (and when I say “we” I probably mostly mean just me) at NAG have a soft spot for LEGO. Consequently, when gems like this latest LEGO stop-motion movie crop up, we (again, probably mostly me) can’t help but share them with the rest of you. Think of it as the glorious amalgamation of childhood nostalgia and contemporary gaming obsession. Or something to that effect.

This LEGO mini movie was put together by Alex Kobbs for the opening of the Interactive Achievements Awards. It’s basically a mash-up of the best of last year’s game titles recreated in LEGO sets. Granted, there are a few bits and pieces that definitely aren’t made of LEGO, but the majority is made of those plastic bricks we all love.

Did I mention that it’s unbelievably good and features cameos by Ezio, Batman and generic Battlefield 3 / Call of Duty soldier man? Because it totally does. Hit the jump, and don’t you dare not smile at some point. I’ll be watching. Somehow.