Oh wait, now everyone gets FemShep box art

Way back in August last year, BioWare and EA launched two rounds of public voting for the official FemShep character that would adorn the box art of Mass Effect 3. The voting took place over Facebook and once the dust had settled we had a decidedly angry, fiery redhead as our official, female Commander Shepard.

The FemShep box art was always intended to be the box art for the collector’s edition of Mass Effect 3. That has since changed, as BioWare has released an un-boxing of the vanilla version of Mass Effect 3. Once the box is popped open you can clearly see a FemShep on the reverse side of the game’s cover. It’s just a matter of removing the box art sheet from behind the transparent sleeve and flipping it over; instant FemShep boxart.

Despite the fact that this video (after the jump) features the Xbox 360 version of the game, the reversible FemShep cover will be featured across all platforms. It’s nice to see that BioWare and EA decided to make the second box art version available to everyone and not just those who ordered the collector’s edition. Everybody wins!