Pick up Killzone 3 multiplayer for free

In an interesting move designed to garner more players (and hopefully sales), Sony has announced that from the end of February, PlayStation Network account holders will be able to download a copy of the multiplayer portion of Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 3 for free.

The multiplayer offering will come with all of the maps the retail disc copies of the game come with, but players will eventually hit a level cap. It’s unknown how high (or low for you pessimists out there) the level cap might be, but it’s also worth noting that player ranks as well as weapon unlocks will be considerably less than if you pay for the multiplayer. If you want access to every inch of the multiplayer for Killzone 3, then you’ll need to hand over $14.99, the South African PSN equivalent of which will likely be around the R150 mark.

This is an interesting move on behalf of Sony, but one that can only benefit the online Killzone 3 community. The multiplayer in Killzone 3 is very, very good and can quite easily stand alongside other popular online shooters. For those already playing Killzone 3 multiplayer, you’ll win as well thanks to the impending addition of a plethora of n00blets to shoot in the face. Everyone wins! Except maybe the n00blets – for now.

Source: Eurogamer