PolarfluKe hosts local Starcraft II League

Registrations for a local Starcraft II league went live yesterday. The league, hosted in 2012 by PolarfluKe and NGL (NAG Gaming League), will consist of an online component as well as a grand final event which will be held at the annual rAge expo later this year.

Registrations for the online league run from Thursday 23 February to 22 March, and the first leg will kick off on 23 March 2012. “The online league will be hosted on the PolarfluKe website, and will consist of 3 legs leading up to a Grand Final event which take place on the main show floor at rAge in October,” said Matthew Merks, managing director of PolarfluKe.

PolarfluKe is very well known in the local Starcraft II gaming community and have been hosting tournaments since May 2010.  In addition, PolarfluKe is an affiliated club with MSSA (Mind Sports South Africa) which allows its members to compete in school, provincial and national qualifiers to give players the opportunity to represent their country in eSports. The MSSA has confirmed that PolarfluKe will host all of their online championships for Starcraft II this year.

The collaboration between PolarfluKe, MSSA and the NGL will see a Grand Final event being held at rAge unlike any other.  Players wishing to participate in this league can go to www.polarfluke.co.za to register.