Sniper Elite V2 shows you a bullet ripping through an eye-socket

As can be expected, it’s pretty damn gory. In the lead up to the game’s release in August this year, it looks as if developer 505 Games and publisher Rebellion want to bring a weekly kill-cam clip designed to show off the game’s bullet camera and super-icky bloodsplosions.

The original Sniper Elite made an appearance in 2005 towards the end of the previous generation of consoles and hardware. The sequel, Sniper Elite V2 is also set during the Battle of Berlin, which formed the backdrop for the first game in the series. In V2 you’re tasked with taking out scientists in charge of a V2 rocket program.

You can expect to scramble about the ruins of Berlin, slinking from cover to cover in order to pick off enemies before fading into the background. The game is looking pretty exciting, and this new clip certainly highlights what to expect. There’s breath holding, slow-mo aiming, target distance reports and a point system for scoring tricky headshots! Hit the jump and witness a sniper’s bullet perforate the eye-cavity of a hapless Nazi soldier.


Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun