Another week, another Mass Effect 3 trailer

Meanwhile, in the Electronic Arts advertising wing…

EA Marketing Exec: “Engage the Mass Effect 3 marketing drive. Full ahead – warp factor nine, Advertising Grunt.”

Advrt Grunt: “Sir, that doesn’t even make sense; that’s a completely different sci-fi universe you just referenced.”

EA Marketing Exec: “Really? Huh. Well then ummm, I guess just throw every advert we’ve got at them, but do it in the shortest space of time imaginable. Give them that live-action one that we were supposed to flight during that TV show with all the flesh-eating aliens in it.”

Advrt Grunt: “You mean The Walking Dead? Yeah, those weren’t aliens, they were zombies.”


Yep, hit the jump for a new Mass Effect 3 trailer, only this time it has actual people in it. Probably no actual Reapers though, because that’d be expensive. It’s also got some people making-out in the streets while their city goes to hell. Not sure if that’s what I’d do if the Reapers suddenly appeared over Pietermaritzburg, but different strokes I guess.