Kinect powered shopping trolleys. Seriously.

You know, I really love Kinect; not as a gaming peripheral, but for all the other cool stuff people are using it for. Microsoft has just demoed a shopping trolley that sports a tablet-like screen and a Kinect sensor right where you’d normally stick a screaming kid. Given the choice, I think I’d take the screen and Kinect.

It is very much a concept because, well, I can’t see many shops opting to spend this much money on shopping trolleys. It is, however, a totally neat concept because it’s slathered in science-fiction awesomesauce.

The trolley is motorised, meaning it’ll dutifully follow you around the shop like some well-meaning astromech droid. Instead of R2 like chirps and squeaks, it’ll actually be able to talk to you and mark stuff off your shopping list the moment you place things in the trolley. It’ll also add the contents of your trolley to your store account, thereby negating the necessity for cash checkout desks and all that revolting queuing ordinarily associated with a visit to the grocery store. Hit the jump for all of this in action.

Via: Joystiq

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