Mourn the loss of this Steampunk Batman game

A few weeks back it was revealed that developer Day 1 Studios (F.E.A.R and F.3.A.R) was toying with the idea of making a steampunk Batman game. The game was based off the 1989 comic Gotham By Gaslight, which followed the exploits of a 19th century Bruce Wayne and his attempts to track down Jack the Ripper.

Despite the game being pitched to publisher THQ, the entire project was abandoned and steampunk Batman had to disappear into the fog of London, never to brighten the pixels of your TV. I’m sure many people out there are very, very saddened by this.

Website Siliconera has managed to dig up an animation prototype video for the DOA Gotham By Gaslight title. In it you get to see a very basic street scene with a 19th century styled Batman hopping about. Hit the jump to check out that cape; man that’s one silky looking Bat cape.


The two images you see in this post come from concept artist Julie Farrell’s personal website. These were originally picked up by Kotaku when this cancelled project was revealed in mid-January 2012.

Now I really want a steampunk Batman game.

Source: Siliconera
Images: Kotaku