UPDATE: Supposed Doom 4 screenshots surface

id Software is busy making Doom 4. Rumours circulated a while ago that the project had been cancelled. Publisher Bethesda then squashed those rumours and said things were going ahead as planned. Now, an anonymous poster over on 4Chan (yes, we know) has rekindled the cancellation rumours and uploaded a bunch of reported screenshots and concepts from Doom 4.

Shortly after the second round of “GODNO Doom 4 is CANCELLED?!” rumours started, Bethesda had to pipe up once again to reassure id fans that the project is still very much alive. Good news then! Interestingly, however, Bethesda made no comment about the legitimacy of the collection of reported Doom 4 screenshots and concepts. Hmmm.

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The collection of 21 supposed screens and concept pieces for Doom 4 shows very un-Doomy environments. In fact, the scenes all look as if they’ve come straight out of Rage, id’s recent post-apocalypse first-person shooter. That being said, it’s also probable that Doom 4 takes place on Earth, just like Doom 2 did. Not much is known about Doom 4 at all.

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You can check out more of the supposed Doom 4 screens and concept pieces over here. My guess is that these aren’t from Doom 4 but are perhaps leftovers from the development phase of Rage. They might even be concept pieces and renders for Rage DLC. Who knows?

UPDATE: A whole lot more images have surfaced, bringing the total amount of supposed Doom 4 screenshots and concept art pictures to 170. Also included in the new batch of reported images is a collection of character models and designs. You can see all of these here.

Source: Eurogamer & AllGamesBeta