Watch Schafer and Gilbert discuss Double Fine Adventure

This has been around for a while, but I noticed we’ve not yet revealed it to your point-‘n’-clicking heart on this fine, upstanding website. I really feel we should, so here goes.

What it is, is Tim Schafer and former boss/mentor Ron Gilbert discussing the past, present and future of old-school adventuring, all in the name of making the Double Fine Adventure the finest adventure it can be. This was filmed a few weeks before the launch of that insane Kickstarter project (link and link). It’s lengthy viewing at just over 35 minutes, but if you’ve got the time and grew up on such games as Maniac Mansion, or the Monkey Island series, or Full Throttle, or Grim Fandango, or any of the fondly remembered adventure games of yore, then, like me, you’ll find the video beyond the break utterly fascinating.

Watching it brought back so many memories of me, many moons ago, brain melting as I struggled to figure out how in the hell I was going to beat the spitting competition in LeChuck’s Revenge, or staring in awe at the beautiful oddities of The Dig (sure, it’s not strictly related to Schafer and Gilbert, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of words here), or… well, you get the idea. Pretty much all of the adventuring idiosyncrasies that they discuss are things I happily remember experiencing back in those days (like pondering in-game puzzles at all hours of the day, even when not actually playing), and it’s oddly eerie to hear two pioneers discussing things such as these as if they were commonplace when my childhood naivety once led me to believe I was the only nitwit who used to be so enamored with obsessive point-‘n’-clickery.

Ah… Those were the days, what’s the world come to, damn kids get off my lawn, etc.