Mass Effect 3 if officially out overseas; for the rest of us in South Africa, we’ll have to wait until Friday. It’s not the end of the world though, because it might give EA and BioWare a chance to iron out some creases that have cropped up since people started playing the game.

Electronic Arts has revealed that those wishing to import a character from Mass Effect 2 will be unable to do so if that character is stored on the cloud for Xbox 360. You’ll have to transfer the saved game back onto your Xbox 360 hard drive and import it into Mass Effect 3 from there. However there’s a catch: the file importation will only be allowed if your Mass Effect 2 character exists on the hard drive it originated from. This means that if you’ve bought a new Xbox 360 or hard drive since playing Mass Effect 2, and you’ve transferred your save to the new hard drive or console thinking all will be well, it totally won’t be.

Electronic Arts has reported that they are aware of this problem, but it’s not clear whether it will be resolved. In a statement issued, an EA representative said: “We understand this may be a great setback to those impacted who have been following the Mass Effect franchise over the years. We thank you for your patience.”

It might not be all doom and gloom though, as the exact same thing happened to me when I transferred my Xbox 360 save from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2. I’d played the first game on an Xbox that died, and when trying to import the save on a new console, it told me to shove it. Replaying the final Mass Effect 1 mission, however, must have tied the character to my new Xbox 360 because Mass Effect 2 allowed me to transfer the character without an issue after that. Who knows, maybe the same technique will work with Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3?

Another character import issue was discovered by Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett, who reported receiving an error when trying to import his character from Mass Effect 2. This error, however, has to do with customised faces. It appears that there are certain facial features that have not made the jump from Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3. There is apparently an entire thread on the BioWare Forums as a result of players receiving an error that says: “Mass Effect 3 cannot successfully determine the custom face code used by this imported save game. Please update your character’s appearance.”

Note that this error only seems to affect your character’s appearance; decisions made in the previous game remain intact. It’s also worth noting that this is only happening to certain people. If you care enough to be importing your same Shepard character from game to game since Mass Effect 1, it’s understandable that receiving this error would be a little frustrating.

But let’s not dwell on the “maybes” and “mights”, and instead watch the Take Back Earth trailer one more time! This time with FemShep.


Sources: Eurogamer and Kotaku

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