There are aliens and islands in Crytek’s iOS game

Crytek, the developers and graphics wizards behind the Crysis games, are about to release their first iOS title. The game is called Fibble: Flick ‘n’ Roll and despite the fact that it also includes aliens and islands, it is a very different kind of game to what we’ve come to expect from the Germany-based team.

Dubbed an “action puzzler”, the game follows the adventures of Fibble, a little alien who crash-lands into a house on Earth. During the crash his crew members are scattered all over the house and it’s up to Fibble to reunite them by searching the various rooms. Each room will bring with it its own aesthetic, and you’ll be rolling Fibble around various puzzle courses in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. According to the official website, gameplay will make use of “easy to understand physics based on [the] natural understanding of the player.”

Each crew member brings a new means of solving puzzles. As you progress, the physics-based puzzles will presumably become more intricate and require the skills of various crew members. In total there are four additional crew members to locate. The official website makes mention of “the base game” which hints that there will be in-app purchases for new levels.